Surface treatment

Farbmuster für Alu-Line Produkte

Powder coating

This is a process in which electrostatically charged powder is sprayed onto electrically charged parts using compressed air. Here, a wide variety of colours are available from the RAL palette.

The powder is liquefied in a melting oven. This process creates a sealed plastic film which is very resistant to environmental factors and mechanical loads.

eloxierte Alu-Line Rohre

Anodic oxidation (eloxal)

This is used to form a hard, thick oxide layer on a metal surface. This layer is permanently fixed to the base material. Additionally, the oxide layer can be dyed to increase the decorative effect.

It provides protection against mechanical factors and is weather and corrosion-resistant. Anodised aluminium can be readily reclaimed for reprocessing, making this an environmentally friendly type of surface treatment.

For surface finishing, we work together with qualified partners, which results in short throughput times even for large series.

Alu-Line Produkte mit KTL Beschichtung

EPD coating

In electrophoretic deposition, a workpiece first exposed to direct current voltage is placed into a bath of water-soluble epoxy resin to create a coating.

Afterwards, the coated part is heated in a convection oven to fire and solidify the coating. This low-emission and environmentally friendly coating method features complete and uniform layering, is resistant to chemicals and provides an end product without any paint drips or runs.



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