Special profiles made of aluminium

Aluminium Sonderprofile Alu-Line

Thanks to the years of collaborating with selected pressing shops, we can find the best solution when setting up your profiles. From the outset, we incorporate brainstorming for cost-effective further processing into the design and layout process for your special aluminium profiles. This shortens development times and guarantees swift processing.

When a special profile cross-section is created, many factors have to be taken into account for subsequent machine processing of this item. Therefore, for the bending process it can be advantageous to provide for a specially designed inner contour to obtain high bending quality without sink marks.


The processing spectrum in the area of special profiles is extremely extensive. In addition to mechanical processing such as 2D/3D bending, 5-axis CNC milling, punching, drilling, sawing and welding, we also provide a wide variety of  surface finishing processes.

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